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"In Battling the Corporate Giants: The Ultimate David and Goliath Story, Daniel L. Lowery presents the view that small business is the backbone of the world's economy. Thoughtfully and beautifully written this book contains valuable truths that and should not be missed."
Ken Blanchard, Co-author of the One Minute Manager and the Secret.

"This book applies one of the greatest stories ever told to modern day business challenges. In "Battling The Corporate Giants" you will learn about how modern day business "Davids" have stood up to there own "Goliaths" and you might just gain the secret to how you can do the same. Entertaining and informative...it's an insightful read for meeting today's business challenges."
Charles C. Manz--best selling author of "The Leadership wisdom of Jesus" and the prize winning "Emotional Discipline."

"What a clever way to teach readers about strategy. Daniel Lowery holds your attention not just with a biblical analogy, but with his ability as a storyteller. His case examples from a wide array of business owners have clear punch lines and drive home his constant message. It is impossible to read this book and not be inspired by what others have done to compete in this complex world."
Dr Beverly Kaye--CEO/Founder Career System International, Co-author of "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em" and author of "Up is Not the Only Way."

"Wisdom is just a stone's throw away with the succinct advice offered in this book. Be afraid of the "big guns" no more. Daniel Lowery helps you discover how to be a sucessful player in the world of Titans."
Eileen McDargh--business author, international consultant & speaker, ranked in the top 100 leadership experts by Executive Excellence Magazines.

"There are many useful, practical lessons in this book. Following them will increase the odds that small businesses will prosper."
Wayne Cascio, PH.D, The Business School, University of Colorado and author of "Responsible Restructuring."

"This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and leaders of small business. It's full of useful, practical and entertaining advice. I recommend it to anyone who has to compete against superior resources."
Sharon Jordan-Evans--Co-author of "Love'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay."

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