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““Whether you are a “mom-and-pop” store or a company with hundreds of employees, anyone can benefit from learning the successful ideas of the actual David from the David and Goliath story. Battling The Corporate Giants gives the reader easy access to this accumulated wisdom.”
Jewish Book World

“Absorbing and entertaining…this book is a must read for anyone desiring a successful small business plan for competing with the corporate giants.”
Bernie Nelson, The Mindquest Review of Noteworthy Books

“His interpretation of David and Goliath, specifically David as a master strategist is compelling and its application to the fundamentals of business, is genius.”
Lee Gooden, Scribes World

“It makes for an interesting and quick read; invaluable to any would-be business person and enlightening to the lay person.”
Hudson Hornick, Santa Barbara Independent

“I usually don’t read business books, but I found Lowery’s approach fascinating.  I have gone back to Lowery’s advice time and time again.  It gives me courage and hope.  And what more can a person ask of a book, regardless of genre.”
Julia Failla Earhart, Armchair Interviews

“Lowery mines his experiences as a small business owner battling the “corporate giants” turning those experiences into strategic advice and tactics for entrepreneurs everywhere.”
Jennifer Daddario, Cleveland Jewish News

“The book takes complicated business issues and turns them into simple concepts that anyone can understand.”
Connecticut Business Times

“[It] shows how small ventures can compete, by being more flexible, attacking a competitor’s “points of low resistance” and looking for a competitor’s fatal flaw.”
Roald Haase, Kane County Chronicle

“In a very readable style… [Lowery] covers advertising, franchises, arbitration, price wars…and more.  This book is a great book for anyone in business, but especially small business.”
Cindy Brewer, The Catholic Lighthouse

“An excellent book for the small business person, Battling The Corporate Giants is easy to read, easy to understand, insightful and highly recommended.”
Harold MacFarland, Midwest Book Review & Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer

“A small business owner uses biblical stories from the life of King David to illustrate points about how small business can compete with corporate giants.  The extensive bibliography is an interesting read in itself.”
Diana Brement, The Jewish Transcript

“This book expresses a fresh viewpoint and is a unique piece of literature. It successfully meshes important life strategies, narration accounts and historical depictions of underdog successes. If interested in developing leadership skills and are thinking about developing a small business, then this book is a must-read in order to ensure your success.”
Brian Egerton, Chicago Flame

“Lowery gives the readers the confidence and know-how to try to work through any corporate trickery. The solutions are relatively easy to perform, and are spelled out so that the reader will be able to apply them in a helpful manner.”
Eric Heisig, The Daily Vidette

“Using the familiar Bible story of David and Goliath, Lowery explores ways for small businesses to compete with corporations by avoiding common traps and turning strength into weakness.”
Bethany Duckworth, The Courier

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