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Favorite Quotes From Battling The Corporate Giants:

"The premise of this book is that there are certain strategies the powerful always use against their weaker opponents."

"So much of human competition shows how superior strategy overcame inferior numbers."

"The road less traveled is frequently left unguarded and therefore more easily exploited."

"It doesn't matter how many times you trip, stumble or fall, as long as you are on the right path you will always get there ahead of someone heading in the wrong direction."

"The financial aspects of the bible are rarely discussed, but it is interesting how similar these tactics are to the great robber barons of the nineteenth century and today such as Rockefellar's policy of overcharging competitors for transporting oil on rail lines or Bill Gates using dominance of operating system to fend off rivals.

"The main difference between then and now is today it's a little less savage. Instead of lives it's livelyhood."

"No matter how good a franchise opportunity looks, always be aware that you'll be playing someone else's game."

"Arbitration is made to sound great, but it takes all the teeth out of pursuing legal action for business disputes."

"Patents were originally designed to stimulate invention, but many corporations have co-opted them to blunt invention and protect the status quo."

"Why get all beat up when there are plenty of people willing to fight your battles for you?"

"Wealthy men from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates have donated vast sums in order to remembered for their public benevolence rather than their business methods."

"Everybody roots for the David in the David and Goliath Story, that is why there are so many Rocky movies."

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